Creating a shift

We can define the shifts using the corresponding icon or by going to the menu View | Shifts.

Next, we access the shifts icon to create the new shift.

In the create shift dialogue box, we must enter the identification details depending on the shift we wish to create.

In the section Name, we can enter a name to identify the type of timetable we are referring to: morning, afternoon, night, administrative timetable, etc.

The section Alternative allows us to indentify the type of shift using an abbreviated form. For example, M could serve to indicate the morning shift, A the afternoon and N the night.

We can also assign a colour to each shift to be able to identify the shift distribution at a glance when viewing the shift pattern.

We can also assign the order number that we want it to occupy on the list.

Finally, we can select the type of timetable that will correspond to the shift and indicate the range or ranges of hours that it covers.

If the timetable passes through midnight, it is enough to define the start and finish time in the same manner as if it were an ordinary timetable.

Once the data has been entered, we must click on the Save icon so that this data may be incorporated into the application.