Free TempusBasic Vacation Time

With TempusBasic: Vacation time you can monitor your remaining holidays. A Widget in your Smartphone desktop will let you know when is your next holiday and how many days have you got left. As you spend them, you track how many are still available. You can also include information on incidents or a concept to the days you add.
TempusBasic: Vacation time has a module to sum overtime. Overtime is classified in two groups: overtime in working days and overtime in non-working days. The number of hours of overtime will convert into additional holidays applying a set ratio (normally eight hours) when we want to add or update our holidays.
The App will let you add automatically to your calendar the public holidays of your country or of the country you are visiting. All in the same app.
(This option is available for 80 countries).
With the paid version, you will no longer receive advertising on your application and you may also share your holidays with family and friends, to find matching holidays periods. These days will be highlighted in a different colour. Clicking on the date, you will get the names of the people with matching holidays so you can plan your holidays together.
With TempusBasic:Vacation time you can:
  •  Add to your calendar the public holidays of 80 countries
  • Monitor you remaining holidays
  • Have a reminder of your next holiday
  • Share your holidays with other users
TempusBasic: Vacation time is user-friendly and has intuitive graphic interface.


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