Work cycles

TempusBasic has developed a tool that has come to be known as "Work Cycles".
This tool assigns shifts to a shift pattern, which enormously simplifies the assignment of shifts. Let's see:
How do we assign each employee to a shift? One simple -but tedious- way of doing this would be by means of a calendar showing the complete year, where we would assign a shift to each member of personnel every day until completing all 365 days of the year. Although this can be done with TempusBasic, the application simplifies this task using the so-called Cycles. In TempusBasic, a cycle is no more than a series of consecutive shifts. Specifically, the cycle resolves a hypothetical practice such as this:
• The cycle lasts three full weeks (21 days).
• The first week will be mornings.
• The second week will be afternoons.
• The third week will be nights.
• Weekends are holidays. 


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